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Twitter is often described as “micro-blogging.” So it occurred to me that if one were to put all those little “tweets” together on a particular topic they might actually constitute a, well… regular blog. Let’s try it. Tracking the journey from the day I was laid off until today:

June 10: A day of transition. Overwhelmed by the outpouring of love & support from amazing So Hills friends!
Looks like Margarita Friday came on Wednesday this week.
June 11: Hmm. What to do on unexpectedly free day… All right then – facial (Lisa) and massage (me) it is.
June 12: coffee & bagels with Mrs. J.
June 13: Taking a little morning walk. http://twitpic.com/7al6z
June 14: A great weekend reunited with long-time friends… God’s timing makes me smile.
June 15: Turning the page.
June 16: ch-ch-ch-changes…. new blog post: http://bit.ly/Teqy1
June 18: Things I wouldn’t have time for, except now I do: See the “Corpse Flower” blooming in all its stinkiness. http://bit.ly/IaqHU
June 20: Things I wouldn’t have time for, except now I do: Reading Vanity Fair. A difficult read, but surprisingly witty.
June 22: Question of the day: “Now what?” new blog post – http://bit.ly/IGyjT
June 23: Planning out my day. Which primarily revolves around meals and friends. Love it.
June 25: Going to meet w/ my life/career coach this afternoon. At the beach, of course!
June 26: Scarcity thinking and God’s economy. New blog post: http://bit.ly/A2mYL
Things I wouldn’t have time for, except now I do: Watching back episodes of Arrested Development.
June 27: Look out little backyard patio. Today you meet the business end of the pruning shears!
Ficus tree: trimmed. Hedge: trimmed. Patio swept, leaves bagged & out to trash. Need to shower but I can’t lift my arms.
June 28: Going to see Israel Houghton @ the Free Chapel OC.
“you make all things new – and I will follow you… forward”
June 29: An entire day spent at the beach is a beautiful thing.
June 30: Going to meet some friends for lunch who work at the fire station. Which let’s just say is fun for a lot of reasons.
July 2: Casting bread upon the water…
July 6: Set up 2 meetings later this week w/ people for freelance writing projects. Thanks to referrals from friends.
July 7: Brochure-editing project: done. This client had no idea where to find a copywriter, a mutual friend connected us. Love kingdom connections.
July 8: “The Lord… will be the sure foundation for your times.” Isaiah 33
Meeting w/ another client in CdM. About Writing/editing web content.
July 9: Off to a meeting about another freelance writing project. My friends know people…
Cool project opportunity. Had to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreemt. Which means I could tell you, but then they’d have to kill…well, me.
July 11: Back from a morning walk. Now, back to work. Writing on a deadline.
July 13: Confronting the void: new blog post. http://bit.ly/1C08Ce

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  1. Golly, am I dense or what! Ive seen most of your Twitter updates lately but not your blog, so I just thought you were having an especially relaxing summer! LOL! Well, I’m praying for you in this “time of excitement” and can’t wait to see what happens, & read all your insights!


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