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Infrastructure for Souls

Infrastructure for Souls is sort of a pictorial essay that traces “…the parallel histories of the American megachurch and the corporate-organizational complex.” (via Tony Morgan Live on Twitter.)

There’s a lot of criticism of the megachurch in the world today (including some of my own) for using “corporate” strategy to reach people for Christ. But I think this essay provides a much broader overview. In this context, I’m not sure that the parallels are inherently either good or bad.

The church exists in the world. We naturally move forward with it: use of the printing press, telephones, cars, airplanes, technology, etc. So I guess it seems natural that there would be a correlation between the spaces where we work and live, and the places where we worship.

What do you think? I especially enjoy any kind of “overview” which extends beyond the last 20 years – they seem to provide a more objective perspective – broader cultural change vs. singular incidents of change.