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now what?

As someone who was constantly juggling multiple projects, priorities, demands and deadlines, I used to consider this question about fifty times every day. Now what? What’s the next thing that needs to be done to keep all the plates spinning?

I still ask myself that question a couple of times a day, and of course in completely different contexts. I consider my blog and ask: now what? The poor View From Her is suffering from a complete identity crisis. Some of this is a result of the changing nature of blogging, and the growing popularity of “micro-blogging” such as Twitter, but much of it is simply a general lack of interest in many of the subjects which used to interest me. I feel I should apologize… but there it is.

I get up every day, and having a rather wide-open schedule, ask myself: now what? A friend wisely suggested taking on some of those projects you would normally never get around to. So far I’ve cleaned out a closet, swept out the garage, am working on fixing a non-working printer, and reading “Vanity Fair.” I’m also emailing friends about my job situation, and checking various job sites online daily.

And of course when I consider my recent job loss I ask: now what? I’m really good at coming up with ideas, at telling the story, art directing graphics and writing text so the message is clear and consistent across a variety of mediums. I love using those skills to help people think differently about God in their lives. At the same time, maybe it’s time for something different. Maybe God has another purpose in mind for these few skills he’s given me.

And mostly, every day, I sit at the dining room table with a cup of coffee and simply ask God, “now what?” Because I know that to him all this is less about what I do, and more about who I am in the process. So I ask him to search me, and know my heart, and remember my anxious thoughts, and see if there’s any offensive way in me (Psalm 139:23-24). And try to trust him for what’s next.

9 thoughts on “now what?

  1. Your gifts are not few, yet days without work, that turn to months, that turn…leave us feeling as if the gifts are few. But…BUT…someone will believe in you!! And when someone believable believes in you, you will begin to believe the unbelievable. Prayed for you today.


  2. I’m sure that the thought crossed your mind to just pretend that you’re on vacation…but that is most likely hard to do when you’re in need of steady employment; but, what the heck…it’s summer and the beach is calling =)

    Jan, you are so gifted, talented, wise and funny…anyone who hires you would be lucky to get you!


  3. Wow… thanks to all of you for your great encouragement. I really am so fortunate to have crossed paths with so many wonderful people. Yet another thing I have to be grateful for! đŸ˜‰


  4. Intelligent minds think alike because I thought the same thing as KS. While reading your blog, I thought to myself, Jan is such a great writer that she should write a novel whether it be a chick-lit or a loose writ autobiography (names changed to protect the innocent of course, lol). Then once it’s published, it could be turned into a screenplay, then some big wig producer would get a hold of it and wha-la you are accepting an Academy Award for Best Picture and Best Original Screenplay. Look what happened to Nora Ephron? I definitely see your name in lights!


  5. Jan, I’m sorry to hear about your recent job loss. I can relate all too well. I’ve been unemployed for almost five months after being laid off by a company where I worked for over twenty years.

    I originally discovered your blog when you frequently wrote about singles’ issues. In recent years you’ve gotten away from that. Have you considered addressing them again?


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