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why we try to look attractive

No big surprise here, we try to look attractive because we’re afraid of being rejected. In case for some reason you didn’t know that, they conducted a scientific study to prove it.

Frankly, I’m pretty sure anyone who’s older than the 5th grade has figured out the whole correlation thing between attractiveness and rejection, but you know science – always wanting to prove the obvious. Like this: “There is a lot of research to suggest that physically attractive people are less stigmatised by others in this society..” Reeeally. They’re less stigmatised in the 5th grade, too. This is my favorite:

“The study also found that men and women who had internalised media ideals of attractiveness had higher levels of appearance-based rejection sensitivity than did their peers.”

Just for the record, I think I may have problematic levels of humor-based rejection sensitivity. And please don’t take this personally – I hate to make it an issue, really – but I suspect a predisposition towards writing-based rejection sensitivity.

Just sayin’.

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