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more Q quoteables

Yes, I’m an entire day behind, still trying to process all the incredible discussion from Q, and now waylayed by crises on my first day back at work. Will hope to develop some observations later, but for now, a few more thought-provoking quotes from Q day 2:

“My faith gives me confidence that my life does not depend on the success of my work.” ~ Catherine Crouch, Physics, Swarthmore College

“Facebook is essentially the commercialization of friendship. They use our purchasing information to influence our friends.”

“The world is an amazing, mysterious place and advertising just reduces it to taglines and bargains and sales and ‘buy stuff’.”
~ Micah White, Adbusters

“Have we domesticated the Gospel? To domesticate is to take something wild and break it so it lives politely indoors.” ~ Tim Keel, Pastor, Jacob’s Well

“The future of worship: Point to the chaos. Point to the limitless. And the most amazing limitless is grace.” ~ David Crowder

“Sometimes our prayers are hollow because they lack distress.”

“If people hate me and condemn me, that’s just. If they’re kind and accepting, that’s grace. I don’t judge those who are mean and I’m grateful for those who kind.”

“Those who think I don’t deserve to be here are right. That’s the problem with believing the Gospel.”
~ Ted Haggard

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