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Q quoteables

A few soundbites from the speakers on Q Day 1:

“The real definition of insanity is trying to achieve dramatically different results by doing the same thing better” ~ Alan Hirsch, author of The Forgotten Ways

“We aim at teaching beginners (new converts), but you can’t “program” spiritual growth. That only happens through suffering. So how do we help people stuck in the ‘groundhog day’ as a beginner to a progressive, growing spirituality?” ~ Dave Goetz, author of Death By Suburb

“Jesus is endlessly creative, and refuses to just marinate in past achievements. He put everything at risk.” ~ Andy Crouch, author of Culture-Making

“You don’t need a relationship with Jesus to not want to be blown up.” ~ Tyler Wigg-Stevenson, founder, Two Futures Project

“Are we missional or attractional? Yes. And who cares?” ~ John Burke, author of No Perfect People Allowed, and pastor, Gateway Church, Austin, Texas

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