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Easter @ South Hills


In our new series, “Scars” which started this weekend, we talked about the scars each one of us carries – both visible and invisible. The message clearly explained the meaning of Jesus’ death and resurrection, and how His scars can heal our deepest wounds, “once and for all.” To create an interactive/participatory moment in the message, we included cut-out hands in everyone’s program. We created a moment where we had everyone write their own personal scar on the paper hand.
Then we had them get up and physically take them (hundreds of people at every service) and pin them on a board at the front of the auditorium. To literally give them to Jesus. It was a powerful moment, and a beautiful start to the series.

4 thoughts on “Easter @ South Hills

  1. Is there an unwritten rule stating that pastors shall not mention hell during the Easter service? I went to my church’s Easter service and I listened to the Saddleback Church sunrise service broadcast on the Fish. (By the way, Rick Warren was surprisingly hard-hitting compared to the pastor of my church.) Just wondering.


    1. well… is there some rule that they MUST mention Hell? It is Easter after all, celebrating the resurrection, life over death…
      I’m not saying we shouldn’t mention it (or that it doesn’t fit at Easter), and by all means, I think it should definitely be part of preaching the Gospel. I also realize that “Hell” has sort of fallen out of favor in preaching at many churches these days… in other words, it’s an issue that doesn’t specifically apply to Easter. 🙂


      1. Hmm. I think that pastors, mindful of the visitors in church at Easter, attempted some sort of presentation of the Gospel, even if they basically only said that things go better with Jesus and they didn’t mention the consequences of rejecting Him.

        Have you read Angry Conversations with God: A Snarky but Authentic Spiritual Memoir by Susan E. Isaacs? It would be fun to read your thoughts on it. : – )


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