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a no-unemployment zone

About a month ago, we declared our church a “No-unemployment Zone.” We handed out cards across all our campuses and anyone who wanted to could fill one out and mark one of two boxes:

  1. I’m employed, but commit to pray for those in my church family who need work, and
  2. I’ve been laid off or am seeking work

By faith, we claimed that God would provide employment for members of our church. A little less than half of our people filled out the cards. We now have a prayer team praying over these cards, the staff is praying and fasting, and we pray each weekend in the service for these people.

And perhaps not surprisingly, people are starting to find jobs. Their stories are starting to trickle in via email and Twitter. Like this one:

“A few weeks ago we started a zero unemployment zone at South Hills. I filled out the card and prayed for those who were out of work, like me.

That week I had a couple of interviews and that was it. Been sending resumes ever since. Getting down at times but know God was still there. Last night, I received a call from one of the jobs I interviewed with. They offered me the job. I officially start next month but the pay is very good, plus benefits, more than I ever expected. I know it has to be all those praying for us. THANK YOU ALL!

Now I can up date my card and say “employed-YES” and I will continue to pray for those still not working. Never give up. God’s timing is perfect.”

Is your church taking any steps to deal with this issue? Do you have an idea how many people in your church are struggling? We serve a God who loves us, and who is pleased when we actively demonstrate outrageous faith in Him.

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  1. I’m reading your blog as I am stoping for a quick lunch break from my job, that I just got, this week…I haven’t worked in over a month, God is good and he does take care of us!!


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