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tell your stories

I’m always fascinated when the advertising/marketing world releases a finding that correlates positively with the Church. Branded Designers recently posted an article, “86% Of Consumers No Longer Believe What Brands Say About Themselves.” This just means that consumers have figured out advertising, and understand that a company has a vested interest in defining their image for the customer. (via Lisa Hickey)

The kicker for the Church is this:

“‘78% of consumers believe what other consumers say about your brand’ which is a HUGE number in my opinion. The slide show goes on to say that ‘The brands that will succeed going forward are the ones who’s consumers tell the best stories.'”

The single most powerful tool any church has is its first-person stories of changed lives. “My life is completely different.” “We filed for divorce, and now our marriage is completely restored.” “It happened to me, and it can happen to you” is the irresistible pull of a story with a happy ending. And it’s really our niche, going as far back as “I was blind, but now I see.”

If your church doesn’t have these stories, frankly, you might not be doing it right. You have to have two things: non-believers who come to your church, and the Gospel message. Jesus takes care of the rest. Then, ask them for their stories. Ask them in emails. Ask them to write their stories down. Ask them in person.

Then, tell those stories. Video them if you can. Read them. But tell them. Then tell some more. And keep telling them.