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please help if you can

We’re all aware that our country is in an unusual time of economic crisis never before seen by this generation. Many of us know people who have been laid off jobs, or are struggling financially, or we ourselves are struggling. But I wanted to bring one special area of need to your attention.

A friend of mine (from high school, if you can believe it), is President of the Union Rescue Mission in downtown Los Angeles. URM provides shelter and meals for the homeless. This year, the number of families turning to them for help is up 400%, many who have lost their homes. And, “for the first time in our history we served 1 Million meals in 12 months with food purchases of only $300,000, a reminder of what Jesus can do with fishes and loaves and willing hearts.”

But more importantly, my friend Andy writes,

“Our staff has responded well to wage freezes, a hiring freeze, stopping the employer match to their 401K’s, and even the knowledge that as of March 1st, our wages will be cut 5% across the organization, with some of us possibly reducing our wages by 10%. We’ve reduced costs in our warehouse by 66%, halted renovation and construction projects, and have tried to reduce costs in nearly every area, but with the economic news and recent trends in donations, I am afraid that we have not done enough. That, possibly not enough can be done.”

I’ve rarely done this on my blog, but I am asking if you can help at all, to please donate to this increasingly-necessary cause. The need is becoming exceptional, and we in the family of God must do all we can to help one another. There are a variety of ways to help, check out all the options here. Thank you so much!

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