Her Views

out of the cold

So my heater died about ten days ago. In southern California, this would not normally be a big deal, but it so happens that we have had two weeks of cold and rain (30s and 40s at night). It’s cold in my house. But I have realized several things.

It’s always warmer in my house than it is outside (even those mornings when the thermostat reads 58). So I’m reminded to be grateful that I have a home – a basic shelter.

The electricity is still on. It’s not like being in the Midwest where a snow storm knocks out the power and it’s freezing. So I’m reminded to be grateful for all the comforting options I have – electric blankets, and space heaters, and microwave ovens.

And, I have a selection of coats, sweaters, sweatshirts, socks, throws and blankets to choose from in layering for warmth.

But I have been surprised by the amount of energy required just to accommodate this small inconvenience. I’m constantly adjusting, moving the space heater, planning, rearranging. I can’t imagine how people without these basic comforts can manage to also carry on the activities of normal life.

And of course I’m fortunate to have saved enough money to pay for the ginormous compressor installed on my patio last night. So today I am warm, and my life is back to normal. And I’m still grateful.