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turning the other cheek is overrated

David H. Foster writes an interesting post about when to turn the other cheek, arguing there are times when that’s the wrong thing to do. Foster considers times when we hide behind the spirituality of “turn the other cheek” because we’re afraid of opposition, and don’t truly understand that some things must be fought for.

“The question becomes, “What is worth fighting for?” Let me tell you what’s not worth fighting for: your opinion, your style, your personality, your preferences; the things that were ingrained in you as a child, that were traditions not grounded in truth. All these things aren’t worth fighting for. But there are many that are.

“Let me say to all the men out there. Your marriage is worth fighting for…

“There’s nothing wrong with being a fighter. There is everything wrong with being small, fitful, aggravated, angry, and pissed-off at the world because it won’t give you what you want. There is everything right with fighting for truth, integrity, for your marriage and your children; for the things you believe are right and good and noble…”

So the challenge is: discerning every day what’s really worth fighting for.