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Anne Jackson comments on Ted Haggard’s recent television interviews. He talked about going to some pastors and leaders to discuss his issues of same-sex attraction and seek direction. These “leaders” and “pastors” (I use quotations intentionally, because they demonstrated neither leadership or shepherding) withdrew or suggested he just work harder for God. There are a lot of comments about the Church choosing to ignore sin, or keeping secrets. But I think there’s a different problem. I posted this comment:

“I actually think this post highlights a different issue. While I’m sure there are many churches who choose the option of keeping some sins secret, I think this is really an example of the Church not making an effort to find a credible response to homosexuality. We’ve painted ourselves into a black and white corner, where Christians can not be gay. Then, when confronted with a gay believer, we just have no answer, so we ignore or change the subject. We’re completely unprepared, uneducated, and ignorant of changing perceptions. And really, it’s as if we don’t even care. Except we recognize that our views make us look bad, and we care about that, but just don’t know what to do about it.

The issue isn’t going away, and we harm the cause of Christ by passively clinging to outdated and cliche soundbites about hating sin but loving those gay sinners. To be clear: I’m not advocating acceptance. But the Church needs to be proactive in finding and taking a stand on this issue – one that’s intelligent, biblical, clear, realistic, and most of all – compassionate.”

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  1. Jan, I think you’ve pinpointed the issue: compassion while not advocating acceptance. This issue is that something breaks in the mind…and the human mind is capable of many things when it breaks. As with any other dysfunction, loving treatment is necessary, not “hellfire and brimstone” judgement. How to do that without accepting what is broken as the status quo? That’s the crux of our problem.


  2. You are right Jan.
    I worked at a ministry that seeks to help people with unwanted same-sex attraction. It was a Christian based ministry, and I totally agree. They struggle just to pay the bills because so few churches are willing to support them. Churches will pay to buy books for school children, but not for counseling for a husband who has an addiction to gay p___n. It is really sad. We say we want to fight it, but we aren’t willing to do something about it. I hope that Haggart finds some real help. Exodus Global is a great network that has ministries who offer a pathway to TRUE freedom.


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