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raise your risk

PrintThis weekend, South Hills Church is launching a new initiative, simply called RISK. It intentionally follows on the heels of our current series, Dangerous Church, which was subtly designated from the beginning as RATED R | RISK. Dangerous Church was based on John 10:10, which says the thief comes to steal, kill and destroy. There is evil in the world, and the Church is the only real threat to that evil. Together, with the message of Jesus, we can push back the darkness. RISK is the defined strategy with which we intend to pursue that goal.

We’ve made the decision that as a church, our purpose is to be about three things:

  1. To reach the lost
  2. To restore the disadvantaged
  3. To resource churches nationwide

We’re going to challenge our people to take a risk, to invite a friend to church, intentionally have a spiritual conversation, share their story.

We’re going to challenge our people to take a risk, to cross a line into less familiar, uncomfortable environments, get their hands dirty to help the less fortunate, both in our own community and around the world.

We’re going to challenge our people to care about the the more than 2,000 churches in the United States who closed their doors last year. We want to intentionally share our resources, partner with dwindling churches for the express purpose of leveraging #1 and #2 above to an exponentially greater degree than we could ever accomplish as just one church.

Of all the churches I’ve worked at, and all the causes I’ve been asked or required to commit to, this is one I whole-heartedly agree with. This is the mission of the Church. This is how we become truly dangerous.

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